Updated May 19, 2023 has a solid commitment to deliver authentic content to all in our community. With all these efforts, our site is devoted to providing digital accessibility to all sorts of digital opportunities and offerings, comprising our site (the “Website”), for all our dear readers.

To support in achieving our accessibility goals with respect to the Website, Our site works firmly to provide a Website that is worked in a method that fulfils with standard and recognized guiding principle and/or values, such as consuming the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines for our webpage accessibility (the “Standards”)

Working with informed accessibility professionals, and becoming polished in how to safeguard the Website incorporated all the stated standards to follow all these standards and proceed ahead to take the necessary steps to attain considerable conformance to deliver a affirmative experience for our community. We are aware of a few areas on the Website where we could work on the accessibility and are working on to ensure the high-quality and overall positive experience to our community of our readers. The important and relevant improvements are made to meet the Standards with time. Note that our site may link to, or interface with, other websites with no control.

Our Website runs perfectly on updated browser and isn’t compatible with older browsers that do not upkeep present technologies.

As websites are always evolving continually, thus keep in mind that our efforts are continuous. If, at any time, you have any particular queries, positive feedback, or concerns regarded about the accessibility of any specific pages, then you can reach out to us through our contact us. If you face or come across any accessibility issue, then be sure to state URL in your email, and we will then make all sensible determinations to resolve your concerns.



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