How do we use your private details?

We keep your personal details that we collect if you sign up has significant details your name, contact number, address, postal code, email address, or any other details that is obtained via browser.

Majority of the collected details are used for:

-Communicate with you;

-Report back to you in case of any queries.

Can I advertise on your site?

Now, advertise your services/brand on our website as you will definitely get traffic and exposure from us through our email address.

I am having trouble on the site, what to do?

Firstly, disconnect from any sort of VPN and go to Google chrome to start using our site without any trouble or any such issues.

Where should I report any errors?

In case, you are having any issues then report back any error at the given email address on simply contact us by filling the form on page.

Are there any valid promo codes presently on the site?

Currently, we are not running or promoting any promo codes for any brands.





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