Replaced my noisy air conditioner with Airton

During winter months in Nice, France the weather is pleasant and comfortable however when the spring/summer come along, you need a decent air cooling system. Some of them fail due to intense sunlight and heat, the summer months in Nice are pretty dry and hot. Due to this reason, I decided to install my first-ever air conditioner when I moved down there.
My dad had a window air conditioner in his shed that he wasn’t using. I took it with me and had it installed in my bedroom. The first night was the toughest, as the noises were unbearable, and so was the heat. I had not much choice but to sleep in the noisy clacking clucking air conditioner.
However, the next day I was on the search for a new one, just after reading a few reviews online I picked Airton as my dealer. The company has several manufacturers on board with a large collection of air conditioners and fresheners. I picked out the one I liked, made the payment while adding my Airton code promo, and had it delivered and installed in my room. This is how I went about the process.

1. Planned out my budget

The best thing to do when buying any appliance or electronic is to get a budget at hand. Do a brief survey of the prices online and decide what price point you want to stick to.
As someone who moved to a new city without any roots down, I was on a moderate budget. When I started my search for an air conditioner, I made sure to adjust the price beforehand. This way I wouldn’t be wasting my time on a cooling system I couldn’t afford.

2. Check out the specifications

What I wanted was clear in my mind; I didn’t want anything fancy something that would keep the room super cool so that I could spend my maximum time in there. I wanted an air conditioner that kept the room cold even after shutting it off.
That only meant going with the old-school chiller or window air conditioner. Airton has tons of types of air conditioners with detailed specs so that their customers can make an informed decision.

3. Spoke to a representative

Online shopping or not, it was necessary to speak with a representative of the dealing company or manufacturer. There is so much you need to talk to them about;
• When will they install the air conditioner?
• What are some of the precautions you need to take?
• How much will the air conditioner affect your electric bill?
• When will you require maintenance?
I jolted down these questions and asked the representative everything I could think of and I was accommodated by Airton without any judgements.
4. Payment options
When purchasing an electronic appliance, you need to be certain about the payment method. You could do an installment, or full payment, or like me use an Airton code promo for a discounted rate at checkout.


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